In October 2010 I began photographing and documenting the internet Subculture known as The Furry Fandom. Please look through and leave any questions in the ask box.

So the photo gallery at MICA has accepted my series for a solo show this fall. They said they loved it and they can’t wait to see it up! Thank you to everyone who has given me encouragement, advice and help; this work has become my life. Thank you also to all the furries who have let me photograph them and let me into their lives, this work wouldn’t be here without you guys!

Location: Wilgus Gallery 1300 West Mount Royal Ave. Baltimore, MD 21217

Date: Opens Sunday November 6th, Closes Thursday November 17th.

Opening Reception: (tentatively) Saturday Nov. 12th from 5-7.

The show is free of course! ATTN FURSUITERS: I am really hoping to get some fursuiters there in person for the opening, if you’re interested please contact me at

Like I said, this work wouldn’t be going anywhere without the community so it would really mean a lot to me if some furries would come to see the show. Thanks again everyone! I’ll post progress photos as we get closer to the show :)

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